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Introduction to the ETAScan

The ETAScan was first launched in Europe in 2002. An ever increasing generic cialis number of doctors, naturopaths, scientists and other members of both the orthodox and alternative health community, as well as ordinary people, are now enthusiastically using this extraordinary beneficial, state-of-the-art diagnostic technology.

The ETAScan is able to assist diagnosis, investigate, compare and evaluate and treat patients. ‘ETAScan is the first technology to present the world market with the most balanced control information. The fundamental hypothesis in the development of this equipment was that the human body has an electromagnetic information framework, which is able to respond to external radiation.

What does the ETAScan do?

  • It is a visualizing health device which precisely displays bioenergy
  • Pathology comprehensively monitored
  • Early detection of low energy in tissue long before disease occurs
  • Rapid and cost effective analysis promote improved examinations
  • Examination is non-invasive, non-threatening and pain-free
  • Holistic analysis of unbalanced or damaged tissue
  • Evaluations displayed (in%) for every individual organ/tissue/cell
  • Compatibility of drug/nutrition therapy tests, whether existing or pending
  • Analysis optimized through frequency harmonization
  • New perspectives for individual research into disease facilitated
  • ETAScan operating is akin to turning in a radio or TV channel

Every scan is smooth, pain-free and most convincing!

How does it work?

By way of an inbuilt biosensor in the headset and a smart box, the frequency of the body is scanned, compares the data with a calculated optimum, before displaying the deviation, location and intensity


Bioenergetic analysis introduces a world of new possibilities such as the detection and examinations of tissue imbalance and the cause of such imbalances.

Bioenergetic analysis is a quantum leap in holistic effectiveness, safe early detection and certain prevention and certain prevention!

Bio-energetic balance means health!!

Causes of decay!

Harmonic disturbances are the root cause of pathological decay.

Energetic balance is at last made visible.

ETAScan examines the body frequency structures, identifies imbalance and indicates where problems reside

ETAScan signalizes deviations from a calculated norm; examines veins, arteries, organs, blood, tissues, the lymph and all other systems, even the cells and chromosomes

ETAScan makes visible the effectiveness and compatibility of information, drugs, food stuffs and nutritional supplements. It also identifies environmental pollutants such as toxins, electro smog, mobile phones, emotions, thoughts and other sources of damage

General description:

The bio-energetic balance system is based on the spectral analysis of vortex fields of bio-organisms, and is the most unique visualization tool to date

Another formidable feature of the ETAScan is testing KINESIOLOGY with energetic resonance, detecting all stress and causes for disease

ETAScan is appreciated by health care providers both as an efficient tool for the rapid detection of energetic imbalance and for prevention, in research centres and scientific institutions

ETAScan assists in diagnosis, to test tolerance as in Kinesiology, totest allergies etc.

Dr Rupert Sheldrake of the UK and over 4oo notable doctors like Dr Joachim Coldiz of USA continue to explore the morphogenetic field. Many of these doctors are using the ETAScan to demonstrate the accuracy and effectiveness of their own treatments.

These theoretical and experimental works made it possible for the ETAScan technology to be developed.

Ceragem Thermal Massager

It has always been a fact that the most alternative and natural methods of treatments has come from the Eastern countries. Once more with Eastern Medicine Technology and other traditional principles of Eastern Medicine such as Moxibustion and Ceragem Pressure to massage and soothe the body’s “distress” signals, such as muscle tension and pain associated with stress, Ceragem Pressure relaxes the muscles with moxibation. It directs heat to the applied part of the body, stimulating overall circulation and relieving muscle tension.

FAR Infrared Heat has been researched and its benefits have been noted to increase blood circulation throughout your body, which in turn improves your overall health.

Ceragem is all about putting the body into balance!

FAQ:  “When will I see results?”

Results will vary depending on your health conditions, how long you have had this condition or injury, your age, the kind of sports or work you are involved in and naturally, the life style choices you make e.g. smoking, aggressive activities, alcohol etc.

A daily commitment for 2 weeks to start off with is recommended.



Ceragem Therapy comes from the South of Korea and is a 100% natural therapy using thermal acupressure regulating

  • Blood circulation
  • Purifies the blood
  • Increases blood production
  • Increases immunity
  • Relieves stress
  • Aligns the spinal cord
  • Heart problems
  • Sinus
  • Migraines
  • Body pains
  • Problems related to female and male problems
  • Blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Bronchitis
  • Piles
  • Viral infections
  • Prostate problems

The spine is the root location for all diseases in the body.

Principles used are: Massage, acupressure, heat/moxibation, chiropractic and Far Infrared Rays (FIR). Ceragem uses Jade stone, when heated, sends FIR into the diseased areas.

Resonance Therapy

Royal Raymond Rife, a microbiologist in USA, in his search to cure cancer in the early ‘30s, was the first human being to actually see a live virus. After nearly 20,000 unsuccessful attempts, Rife finally isolated and identified the human cancer Virus, and named it “Cryptocides Primordiates”. 400 Lab animals were inoculated with this virus, created 400 tumors, and then eliminated every cancer tumor by modifying its electronic signature. (This is all chronicled in the book “The Cancer Cure That Worked”) Also Dr Hulda Clark’s book “Cure for all diseases, and Alan Stangs’ book on “Electronic Medicine-Cure for Cancer?” The cost of building resonators in the time of the Depression was exorbitantly high, except for the few that was used for research by the University of Southern California for a Special Medical Research Team to evaluate this electronic therapy on 17 terminally ill cancer patients. After 130 days, all of them recovered without side effects of any kind. A few resonators were manufactured for the Yom Kippur War, because of the shortage of penicillin. Today people world wide are turning to the use of resonance waves generated by square-wave generators or (Rife Resonators) to destroy harmful bacteria, in a rapid, painless and proven to be entirely free of side effects. Every biochemical compound oscillates at its own distinct frequency pattern; Rife’s frequencies destroy only the disease organism whose oscillation pattern corresponds to the modified pattern is killed.

Body Workshop now has three Rife Resonators in practice, which compliments the laser, acupuncture and Eagle Guardian machine (homeopathic device). To mention but a few of the problems we treat with great success:  Allergies, infections, Neuro/stress, Circulation, Arthritis/Rheumatism/Gout, Asthma, Parasites, Muscle Spasms, Pain, Candida, Inflammation, Colitis, Intestinal problems, Cystic Fibrosis, Diarrhea, Drug Addiction, Ear problems, eye problems, Eczema, Fibromyalgia, Gallstones, Gangrene/Blood Poisoning, Headaches, Hemorrhoids, Hernia, Swelling, Herpes, Flu, Insomnia, Jaundice, Detox, Joint Inflammation, Kidneys, Knee, Larynx, Lymph, Malaria, Muscular Dystrophy, Nausea, Neck Pain, Neuralgia, Osteomyelitis ,Shingles, Sinusitis, Tetanus, Thrush, Tooth decay, TB, Ulcers, Worms. These are but a few of the broad-spectrum diseases.

The MKW low light laser therapy

Quote from the inventor of the laser:-

“I shall think for the rest of my life about what light is.” Albert Einstein 1917

How does laser therapy work?

Laser therapy has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. It regenerates tissues and improves circulation.

It activates the immune cells by increasing leukocyte mobilisation.

Reduces inflammatory edema and promotes lymphatic flow.

Promotes release of B-endorphins.

Relaxes muscles and increases the threshold of pain perception.

A sound knowledge of the anatomy, sen or meridian lines, trigger points and acupuncture points are vital and should not be operated by persons who do not qualify.

The laser modality is very effective for reducing scar tissue directly after surgery or accidents, also for burns if applied daily.

Very effective for the treatments of herpes zoster and simplex (shingles), gout, arthritis, sinusitis, migraine and gangrene.

With physiotherapy, it speeds up the recovery of muscle injury, frozen shoulder and carpal tunnel syndrome.

It is most effective as a non-invasive acupuncture tool, no needles required and no risk of infection. Automatic “point finder” assists in finding the exact point of problem.

It is clinically tested and proven German technology.


Particular effects are observed when laser beam is applied on the open wound, when healing can be significantly accelerated especially in patients with delayed wound healing as with circulatory disorders, diabetic patients, etc.

Analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects of the laser are significant when irradiating certain dermatological changes.

Excellent for dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema and even fungus under the nails.

Good for after epilation (waxing), of which only a short session is needed to prevent infections and breakouts!

For the esthetition doing permanent make up, the application of the laser assists in the settling in of the ink and activates new cell growth while preventing infection.

Although soft laser does not remove deep wrinkles, it contributes to it’s flexibility and elasticity.

Our laser is constantly being used to decrease muscle spasms and release tension in the case of neck and lower back pain.

Cavitation Treatment

Quantum age ‘liposuction’

            We have great pleasure in announcing our latest modality-Ultrasonic Cavitation Ultra slim. For body sculpture and face enhancement.

You sculptor your body with a black pen, and we remove ‘just that’

‘State-of-the-art’ device comprising the advanced cavitation technology with multi radio frequency.  Smooth scar and stretch marks!

Non-invasive and non-wounding body sculpting, cellulite reduction and vacuum massage. The treatment that entail no discomfort, down time or recovery period.

Precise reduction of localized fat tissue and cellulite in multiple treatment areas;                 Abdomen, thighs, buttocks, flanks, inner knees.

Durable results visible after one or two treatments, further treatments deliver additional reduction in circumference.


FACE TREATMENTS: (Bipolar RF and Tri-polar RF) and anti-wrinkle care.

 On Forehead – cheeks – chin – neck – around the eyes.


Body Cavitation, Bipolar RF & Tri-polar RF for anti-cellulite care & fat. Concentration on abdomen, buttock, lower back (flanks), thighs, under chin, upper arm.

  • The Multi Polar RF  effects on the body
  • Improves lymphatic drainage
  • Accelerates fat metabolism
  • Stimulates fibroblasts resulting in effective skin firming.
  • Improves the skin tone

Effects on the face:

  • Increases oxygen input & cell nutrition
  • Stimulates microcirculation
  • Dilates blood vessels
  • Fills & soothes wrinkles
  • Acts as a skin tensor
  • Repairs, builds & soothes

Plus!!! Body shaker/Power Plate available!


Natural medications.

Short explanation how the zapper works.

Quote. All parasites and diseased tissues are negatively charged. The zapper introduces Positive ions through the skin and into the body’s living tissue, killing the parasites by reversing their polarity and also helping to heal the diseased tissue.

It is said that an average person carries a weight of 500gm living parasites.

The zapper destroys parasites (viruses, bacteria, worms, yeast, fungi, etc) throughout the body!

There are over a 1,000 species of parasites that can live in the body at one time.

Dr Hulda Clark, world renown scientist on micro-organisms and in her quest to cure cancer, designed this brilliant device. The whole concept of zapping is killing the parasites within the first 7 minutes, rest for 20 minutes, during which time the living organisms that were within the dead parasites have had time to exit and be in the fluids of the body, the second 7 minutes zapping then kills those and after another 20 minutes rest, one zaps again for the third 7 minutes, killing whatever might still be around.

A parasite-free body is a healthy body, and once the process of cleaning out is done, zapping starts working on the diseased tissues to heal.

Treatments with the zappers are pain-free and best of all -no medication taken in!

The Eagle Guardian

“The latest homeopathic imprinter and potentizer.

A Homeopathic Breakthrough!

According to the manufacturer, with the Eagle Guardian it takes only seconds to imprint the body’s vibrational signature, amplify it, and send it back to the body. This new homeopathic method may well be the greatest discovery ever made to date in health care technology.

The Eagle Guardian homeopathic imprinter and potentiser provides a safe, non-invasive, profoundly effective way to restore and balance the body’s bioenergetic pathways. The Guardian could restore and bring health to millions of people and is being hailed as one of the most exciting and promising discoveries in the field of bioenergetics and vibrational medicine.

With this new instrument and procedure, it is possible to imprint and greatly amplify the body’s vibrational signature and apply it back into the body in such a way as to stimulate restorative and healing processes.

It is as if the Eagle Guardian provides the body with a clear signal/roadmap to the underlying causes of imbalance, harmful degenerative processes, micro-organisms, parasites, toxins, deficiencies, etc. Once the body has a clear signal it can activate numerous healing processes with amazing results and positive health improvements.”


Other modalities practiced at the Body Workshop Healing clinic

I am a qualifies Traditional Thai masseur specializing in the Thai foot analysis and treatments.

When clients/patients come for whatever treatments, I very often request them to remove the shoes/socks and I do an analysis which immediately gives me the indication of the most obvious problems areas. Have also furthered training in Bangkok in this field.

I am also a qualified clinical hypnotherapist trained and studied under Andrew Newton, from Wales, one of the worlds’ most renown hypnotherapists. And member of the IICN.

i.e. International Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy.

This modality has been of immense assistance in the handling of patients, using the empathy, and sympathy where it is required.

Excellent for release of smoking, obesity, fears, etc.

Alternative modalities of healing also includes, Energy or Pranic Healing , which has been of utmost importance in the field of healing. Also trained and certificated participant in the Master Choa Kok Sui Basic Pranic Healing Course.

In this modality, I find the passion from within to connect with each client we are all unique, with our search to growth and understanding.

Here I would also practice color therapy and balancing etc.

The beauty salon section offers the usual esthetician treatments, such as facials, depilation, etc.

A great passion naturally, is my intense back/neck stress massages. Just love doing it!

I also carry a large range of Natural health products and cosmetics in the Retail section.